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for all your digital needs and marketing. With combined experience in graphic design, website development, social media marketing and educational technology, we will set you up for success!

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Two Easy Steps

Determine your need and budget, and contact us to see how we can help you! The following packages include contact forms and free version add-on (referred to as bells and whistles). We can discuss any advanced or premium add-ons which will be extra.

£85 / $100


Fit your business need into a landing page with a max of 1 – 3 sections. We will add bells and whistles to best enhance your content. Basic SEO included. This page is ideal for running a campaign  or promote a special offer or service.

£115 / $140

One Pager

This basic one pager is ideal to kick-start your business. We give you the opportunity of 3 – 5 sections with the best bells and whistles to get your business visible online. Basic SEO always included.

£150 / $270

One Pager

This advanced one pager is ideal for the small business, a kick-off for the larger business or an information page. We give you the opportunity of 5 – 10 sections with maybe a jump out to a portfolio or a blog page. As always bells and whistles are included. Basic SEO a must.

£240 / $285

3-5 Page

This is ideal for the business who wants to go to the next level. Tell us about your business services or products and we will design a 3 – 5 page website to enhance your online presence. Again bells and whistles, and SEO are part of the deal.

£380 / $460

6-10 Page

You are already in the game. You seriously need more online visibility. Let’s get the wheels rolling on 6 – 10 tailor-made pages to fit the urgent needs of your business. Doesn’t matter if this is a total new website or an upgrade… let’s get your online presence to the next level with all the bells and whistles needed. SEO is a must.

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